Wednesday, 2 November 2011


For once, a good decision to postpone last week's track session from Thursday to Friday.  The BBC weather forecast correct for one more time. A pretty reliable web service I find.
   I wrote last Thursday  that since week Sunday's race I hadn't  been under 8 minute mileing.  Friday  it was time to stop jogging off road and remind the legs about pace.  A  rep session of  8 x 800.
  Now in a perfect world based on 10K times I know I should be able to complete this at worse at 7.00 minute per rep (43.30). So target time 3.30. 
   Despite pretty reasonable conditions, quite warm, bright sunshine and breezy, it just didn't happen.....
                             3.37  3.41  3.43  3.42  3.42 3.42  3.45  3.36
             Way off target but not totally disasastrous averaging 3.41.....approx. 45.30 pace.

4 days on...the length of recovery my "maturity" demands....days of easy offroad (4.5)  offroad (7)  steady road (7.5) and a rare loop of a single res yesterday and it was time for a speed session again. 
  Once more using the dirt path of the canal  served as a pretty good alternative to the track. 
A warm up run of 4 miles into a strong wind then a set  6x 600 reps  wind assisted with 200 interval recovery. 
                  NOT 6 X 600 "INTERVALS" as I keep reading in magazines!  


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