Tuesday, 8 November 2011


   I will always recall a customer in the Ilkley shop who said that he was going up to the airport to meet his son off a flight from Portugal.   His son had been working out there but had decided to come home because ...."he got fed up of getting up every morning to be greeted by bright sunshine and high temperatures. They don't have weather out there; it's just dry and sunny all the time"!! 
  An exaggeration maybe but we get the point. Well perhaps this week he'll be getting back on that plane as a depressing blanket of grey cloud shrouds the U.K.  
  The cloud cover certainly made today's solo track session more of a chore, a real dampener:  and the spirits were not helped either by having to go through the whole session accompanied by the noise of a grass strimmer man working trackside.  What a pain!  Whether it was the effort of the session or the noise but my head was banging by rep 12 and I was pleased to call it a day; at which point he turned off and sat down to start his lunch! Typical.

  TODAY'S SESSION.  12 x 300 metres rep. with  100 metre jog/walk interval rec. (1.10)
Geared to 5K pace,  estimated at present at 21.00 mins.  4.12 per K.........so targetting 75 secs per 300 rep.   74.6      75    75    74.6    74.3    73.8    74.4   74.7   74.4   74.1   74.1   73.7...averaging 74.4

          So despite the grey mistly damp conditions and  trackside distractions on target for once!

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