Monday, 21 November 2011

Hazy afternoon at the COMPLETE RUNNER XC league at SHIPLEY

11.00 a.m. Monday. Well the sun is certainly being coy again today, hiding itself behind a veil of grey cloud much as it did yesterday.  Subsequently the remperature dipped from 13 to 4 degrees and to be honest I was a bit concrned that the cold would impair the breathing during the Sunday 10 road run I had planned.
 I say planned because the undulating road run would be the first test for the upper leg strained at the mile 5 point in last week's 10K on the Lytham promenade and I was prepared to have to abort.
 Pleased to report the "test" was passed and this "medium" length run compensated for low recovery mileage on the days immediately after the race. But with no speed session it had to be a recorded as  below par week with just 38 miles covered.
 I think we must all have been hoping for the curtain of grey gloom to be drawn back by lunch yesterday to treat us to an afternoon of fine autumnal weather  but it let us down.  The 3rd fixture of the COMPLETE RUNNER CROSS COUNTRY league up on Northcliffe Playing Fields at Shipley near Bradford was a damp, cool, mist shrouded affair but did not seem to dampen the ardour of hundreds who took part.
 Not a great day for clarity and quality of film with runners disappearing into and emerging from the Yorkshire mists  but I hope the videos of the womens and mens races prove of interest. If you can't achieve full screen viewing , they are already on YOUTUBE.



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