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Before looking at the BURNSALL 10 results from then (1986) and now an update an how things have been since changing my asthma medication.......
This time last week I was strolling towards Bolton Abbey with Pat, having had the E.C.G. in the morning and having had a suggestion from my G.P. to perhaps ease down on the training and,  prompted by myself, yes,  to cut back on the steroid inhaler.
 We naturally discussed the ramifications of changing my routine of training and racing.  Supportive as ever, Pat stressed how important running still is to me.  "It's not just a hobby," she said, "it's your life.  The problem has to be sorted."
 I thought back over the last 18 months again and decided to see if cutting back altogether on the "preventive" inhaler SYMBICORT  could be tolerated.  I should say at this point taking this "glucocorticoid steriod" is not reported as having an adverse effect on heart rhythm but on taking it there is a definite reaction and some of the listed side effects can be  headaches, sore throats, upset stomach, sinus infection, respiratory tract infections, nausea and vomiting. 
                  So basically  if  I could do without it all well and good !
Today, then was the first chance to compare a training run since stopping taking it.  Last Tuesday, albeit having run the Chernobyl 10K on the Sunday, I  tackled the 2 RES RUN around Swinsty and Fewston reservoirs in a very tired and uncomfortable 66.06.   Regular  readers will know that   I very rarely run under 60 minutes on this.  Averaging 61/61.
 Today, mindful of the watch but not really pushing it.............59.19 !! Nearly 7 minutes faster.
I  know I will always have restriction from my 1969 lung surgery but I will be reporting to my G.P.
that otherwise the chest is feeling more open and generally freerer.
OK last week I had just run that 10K.  But Friday, Saturday and Sunday last week were also toughish days and I did a mini track session yesterday.  So at this moment  I shall continue without the steroid inhaler just taking VENTOLIN just prior to my run.
  Having said all this  I shall continue to avoid coffee,  paracetomol,  Magnum dark chocolate ice cream and limit , but not cut out, the alcohol intake.


  Unlike prior to a race nowadays  the diary shows there was no real ease down for this tough Yorkshire Dales Saturday race with 2 speed sessions in the week prior and an "easy" 10 the day before for good measure!   No doubt faster than I can manage in a 10 mile race  at this present time. 
  As always in those days Burnsall attracted a good quality field from far and wide.  Weymouth, Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire, plus of course,  all parts of Yorkshire and many from Lancashire.
I was 3rd Valley Strider home in 9th place in 53.51.  The race was won by Brian Eden (V.S.)
in 51.43 with Mick Day 3rd (V.S.) overall in 52.51.  So 3 inthe first 9.
 Just behind (and still active)  were Jack Verity (ASVAC now Saltaire Striders) 11th in 53.53
and Andy Hauser (then with Macclesfield)  15th in 54.33 and Rob Eccles (Bingley) 18th 54.51.
  72 runners were back within 60 minutes.
  I only have the first result sheet which registers the 102nd finisher in 63.07
  There were only 18 veterans in those 102. 
It could be left at that but of course it demands comparison with the 2011 race. 
 The race was won by Alan Buckley (unchallenged) in 55.26. We know he is capable of much faster.  5 men were inside 60 minutes.  72 in 1986.
This year they appear to have stopped timing at 97th place in 94.57
In 1986  97th place recorded 62.69
  Very often we say at this point less quality but much more quantity.  But not with regard to this event for some reason.  Only 106 finished.
 What is of most concern I feel is the percentage of under 40 in this year's race.
Only 28 of the 106 were under 40, male and female.   82 in 1986.
 Not startingly new revelations but again hardly bodes well for the future of the heart of our club based sport.   It would appear there is a desperate need to recruit more members aged between
20 and 40.  Perhaps soon race prize presentations will skip the open awards as there are no particicpants and go straight to the veterans!


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