Thursday, 27 May 2010

The reservoir's leaking!!


Regular readers may well remember this  shot of the Swinsty Reservoir taken late last year with a typical gale whipping across it.  Plenty of water then for your baths, showers, cooking ,drinking etc.
  No thoughts of drought or water conservation at that time of year........

  This is the reservoir showing the same spot from a slightly different angle taken yesterday Wednesday
May 26th.  I was quite amazed to see the difference
and felt compelled, on the relaxed pace run, to stop and record the difference.  My immediate thought was we could do with some rain very soon and I kid you not ...within minutes it started spitted.... it didn't last but it did make me smile.
  The run went very much to expectation.  3.30 minutes faster than last week when recovering from the 10K....64.58 down to 61.27.

The lowest parts of the ribs were sore again at the end of the run.  So much so that I bit the bullet and phoned the health centre and managed to get an appointment within the following hour.   No problems detected at the time and my own conclusions are a combination of bad posture when working at the computer and dehydration.  The body needing water like this reservoir does.  I saw the doctor at 4.30 and all I had taken in yesterday  was a cup of tea and a glass of juice!   An extreme day but I really must try to drink more water .........and less lager!   I'm having a blood test Friday morning just to ensure as a further precaution.

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