Sunday, 2 May 2010

Desperately seeking some oomph!

 That misguided, adrenalin fuelled, ego driven 300 metres on Thursday at the track  was encouraging in a perverse kind of way.   Having achieved what was already an excellent session at 40 minute 10K pace to then find a 6th gear and drive my aged legs to 35 minute 10K pace was foolhardy indeed but on the other hand was an indication of what can be achieved when the nettle is grasped,   screwed up,  bitten off,  chewed on and spat out!   Problem is what do I need to do to summon up a similar level of drive and determination for tomorrow's 5K on "home ground" in Wythenshawe Park , Manchester.  Certainly more commitment that I displayed last time there;  but then again doing leg 4 of of 12 man relay with no one to hand over to was somewhat of a deterrent.
  Finishing time will be the major spur, of course, as always.  Recent track performances would indicate that it should be possible to better all the 5K times recorded in 2009. The best being 20.35. It would be good to reverse the trend of getting older and therefore slower.   I ran 19.50 two years ago in this event ; something in between would be pleasing.
  Targets?  I managed to close on a young lady from my club at 9K in the Salford 10K and nudged away at that point.  But I suspect she will take some catching over the shorter distance tomorrow but I'll certainly be looking out for her. I see she has purchased a club vest now so that makes the job easier!
   Vets?  Manchester is a bit of a hotbed for M60 talent with several top ranking runners likely to be turning out; not likely to be featuring in the prizes as last time out in the Lakes.  
   I'll be looking for a rise in the temperature tomorrow;  I donned cap, tights , jacket and gloves (!)
for the second easy 4 of the weekend on the grass today with a north easterly blowing strong across the fields. Goodness knows how the early season cricketers were coping on the adjacent field.
  That was the 3rd easy day as planned.  Not sure I could have summoned up any greater level of effort anyway! 5 on Friday,  a pleasant 4 shared with marathon recovering Sally M. yesterday.   All at over 9 minute mileing; in contrast to the 5.38 pace of the last rep on Thursday.
  Equally tiring was working in the shop yesterday afternoon as 3 of the staff were competing in a Northern league track & field match.   An extremely busy afternoon with a vast range of customers indicative of the current interest in running.   Top notch club runners,  occasional big race participants,   non competitive fitness enthusiasts,  beginners , teenagers and even younger racers.   Very encouraging.
  It's a 11.15 a.m. start tomorrow which is possible as the race will more or less be within the confines of the park.   Other sale H. races start at 9 a.m. so that local traffic can flow nicely to local supermarkets!
You may well have seen a comment from T.C. in the U.S. stating that some races over there start as early as 7.30 a.m.!   Not sure I could cope with that at my age.   The body doesn't wake up until I been up and out of bed for half an hour.

Anyone start a UK race earlier than 9.00 a.m.?  What is your preferred race start time?

   I watched some coverage of the Great Edinburgh Run this morning.   As is usual with "Great" events put togther by Nova, there was very little "local" interest.  Scottish runner, FREYA MURRAY, featured early on but was off the pace after just 12 minutes.  Personally I would have preferred  to see a bunch of  Scottish and North Eastern girls battling it out; similarly with the mens race.
 Murray, disappointed with her run said she would be soon be visiting her coach in Boulder,Colorado.
Not exactly what you'd call a hands on coaching role!   A lot of emails and phone calls, I guess.

   In contrast to the thousands in the Scottish event tomorrow will be pretty low key with less than 200 usually.albeit reasonable quality compared with the Park runs.  I'll have chance to experience the contrast in a few weeks time at the Great Manchester 10K.  
 Finally, all the best to those competing in the local Rothwell 10K tomorrow.  Looking for some good results.

                   What's your preference?   Low key or running with the masses?

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