Wednesday, 5 May 2010


   Pat tends to ask me what I'm planning for the day as I send her off to work in a morning.  
"What would you advise for today's run?"  "Not too far,  easy jog , off road", she replied.
"Exactly,  thanks, coach", I said.   I knew the legs would feel much the worse for wear after Monday's 5K race but a very easy jog would tell me where to treat and dictate the plan for the next couple of weeks.
  Permit me to share Tuesday's post race jog with you because I felt no guilt whatsoever in stopping momentarily during the 5 to take a few shots of ILKLEY IN THE SPRING.

 We start with a drive down the hillside to a spot from where I can access 5 miles of grassland and trails. The shop car provides a mobile advert on the journey through town! What you won't detect is the chilling breeze that's blighting the atmosphere. Running .....sorry jogging...through the cemetary in the first mile is always a reminder of our mortality and perverse encouragement to make the most of the time we have left.

 Across the suspension bridge and turning onto the riverside path the Bank Holiday fair has all but packed up and is moving on to the next town.   Into the second mile and it's across the Old Bridge. A glance down to the River Wharfe below indicates the dry, sunny but cool spell we've been having as water levels are very low.  


Back then along the river and a deviation across the grass of the Ilkley tennis club where the local club Ilkley Harriers are based.   How that's for an impressive base for a running club, complete with cafe bar and balcony with views up to the moor! Posh indeed!
 Just another half mile back on the riverside path and it's time to turn back for the return.  Some twinges in the hamstrings and the knees are a tad sore but otherwise OK.
  Tuesday's recovery run.....5 miles,  flat, grass and trails as suggested by Pat(!) except she didn't say keep stopping to take photographs.
      It was my legs that were telling me to do that!  
                                      May your running Ilkley in the spring!


  1. Beautiful pictures! You are fortunate to have nice grass and trails on which to run!

  2. I am fortunate, T.C., that I have the time to drive a fairly short way to some great places to run; not only this run along the local river but also nearby reservoirs, canal towpaths and hilly trails. Read your last race report. Can you please send some of your hot weather over to us in the UK; cold and damp today over here!