Friday, 7 May 2010

Another 5K? ....politically correct?

The main highlight and talking point for the majority of the UK population has been the continuing presence of the chilling north easterly wind which for a wimp like me sees me donning the same gear today as did in February.  About 70% of the population have also been been concerned with the less important matter of yesterday's General Election  where candidates stand to sit...... parliament.....if they are voted in.  Based on the votes of those who didn't leave it too late to vote, like the students who tried to vote in between drinking and going clubbing,  the result is a "hung" parliament.
 I think this means that they will suspend each M.P. from a scaffold in turn. If they don't survive it shows that they weren't fit to serve anyway and would probably fiddle their expenses.  If they survive it's because they are devil worshippers and they will be burnt at the stake instead.  Not that I'm a political cynic, you understand.
  Indeed, since Monday's race I've been very conservative in my efforts. After easy moderate pace runs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I had pencilled in a return to a better pace today with a tempo run. But instead have decided to leave it another day and plan to journey back to the Red Rose county for another 5K hosted by Salford Harriers in Heaton Park, Manchester.

  The race will be somewhat of a labour of love as I always like running in the park where I started racing in the  early '60s. The course is a more testing affair than Monday's flat circuit with a climb of nearly half a mile in the middle.  At worse it will be a good workout.
  A case of being a bit more liberal in thought about race recovery. But I've not done much since Monday so hopefully all will be OK.  If you're green with envy because you've no race planned, fret can enter on the day and it'll only cost you £5.  11.30 start.
No I think we should keep politics out of sport.........ban David Cameron from running.......he's giving us runners a bad image!
        Some more views of Heaton Park..........
If you're racing elsewhere this always.....have a good one!

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