Tuesday, 29 May 2012


My pre-race thoughts last Sunday  can probably best be summarised as follows........

 I DON'T NEEDTHIS...............I don't really feel I've recovered from two weeks ago.
 I DON'T NEED THIS..............I feel ***ckered from standing up at work for hours this week.
 I DON'T NEED THIS.............the temperature is going to mid 20s....why bother!?
 I DON'T NEED THIS..............my head's blocked up from hayfever or do I have a head cold?
 I DON'T NEED THIS...............it's bound to be a P.W. for a 5 miler.

 BUT in line with many I spoke to the SALE (HARRIERS) 5 MILE ROAD RACE  was the second race of 5 in the Manchester Parks Grand Prix and we were ultimately all keen to maintain our presence in the series.  Having to commit and remain fit over a period is a real  incentive  and advantage of taking part in a Grand Prix series, isn't it?
 So it was a case of don extreme weather white mesh club vest, white cap and sunglasses and go for it!
At least I hadn't raced for a fortnight;  several were talking about having raced on Friday night, many spoke about having raced yesterday in their weekly parkrun, and perhaps regretted it as the temperatures sored.  But club mate and follower Frank C. made it 3 in 3 days even after a half marathon in Latvia last week.  Well done, Frank. Couldn't do it at my age, I'm afraid.
  We arrived in plenty of time and for once I had a reasonable warm up.  For "warm up" read loosener ; just stepping out of the car we were warm enough.  I joined the small select field of just 146 runners and slottted in to the left of the start line to stay out of the basically. Good job.  I  thought I had a couple of minutes to relace my untied shoes  but then  the gun went. Fortunately as was at the side of the track as every single entrant swept past.  Some start!  Some handicap.  Last out of the blocks.  I managed to overtake 77.
 Still it forced the adrenalin to kick in perhaps more than normal and I think I managed to run to expectations except I just failed to catch M65, MIKE CUNNINGHAM of Manchester A.C. who was first M65 ; my consolation being that I was first M60 and of course 1st M60 in the Grand Prix as a bonus.
 My splits on the course based on the placing of the mile markers were
7.01  7.57  6.28  7.01  6.41..............35.14   (A personal worse but not too bad all things considered)
But official time on results sheet  35.24. 
  Conclusion ...it took me 10 seconds to tie my shoe lace up and someone didn't quite get the placing of the mile markers correct. But more importantly some race days go a lot better than you think they are going to go when you first step out of the car on arrival.

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  1. Marathon Terry, Marathon!
    4 races in 8 days including The Riga Marathon.
    Felt good this weekend though, I think it is a bit like The Tour de France where they get fitter as they race.