Friday, 18 May 2012


  The ever growing strength of the parkrun empire is having a bit of knock out effect on 5ks organised by running clubs.  Salford Harriers moved their Sunday 5K to a Thursday night.  Our club dropped our 5K as their is a weekly parkrun in the same park.  But the club has persevered with a heavily marketed 5K series, the Sizzlers,  Lancaster & Morecambe are still running the Saturday night 5K series.
  Locally, the newly named SALTAIRE STRIDERS (formerly St. Bede's A.C.)  have enjoyed success with their JOHN CARR 5K sreies of 3 5Ks despite the weather!
  I popped down to the nearby village of Esholt , where Emmerdale was filmed before they built their  own Emmerdale village,  and witness 308 thrash out a fast furious 5K.
 Sally M. said she had secured a late entry and said that they had reserved a number for me as well; but, one,
my asthmatic lungs do not work well on a course which is largely based in a sewage works(!) and two, last Sunday's 10K took a lot out of me and there was no way I was going to extend myself again just 3 days later!
 Not a great evening for filming with the setting sun but here's a flavour of the action......


  1. Thanks from an ERRer - brilliant video - will be nice to look back on!

  2. Awesome, thanks for this. I just entered the 2013 series so looking forward to it, and as I just joined the Striders it's funny to have our skipper's finishing grimace from last year on film!