Monday, 28 May 2012


It was a hot one...........!!


  1. Hi Terry, it's Steph, I met you a few weeks ago at Swinsty Reservoir - remember me?! (I'd lost my mum!) I was training for my first ever Half Marathon and I did it yesterday in Sheffield in 2 hours 10 minutes! I was aiming for under 2 hours but the heat was so intense and slowed me down a fair bit towards the end. Just had a look at your Top Ten Half Marathon times and I think I have a fair way to go to catch you up haha!
    Hope you're well.
    Steph x

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  3. Good to hear from you, Steph. How could I forget! I must admit I did think about you running your half in the heat we had yesterday. Glad to read that you survived. You will without doubt be under 2 on a more favourable day.
    Hope you are recovering well, no strains. Perhaps have a run around the 2 res when you feel up to it... email me at
    Take care of yourself, best wishes, Terry x