Tuesday, 10 May 2011


MONDAY .........
  As you might appreciate, having lived in Ilkley for over three  decades and running every day, it's not always easy to come up with new routes to keep the running fresh.   I've managed this over the years but find myself driving out to run very often nowadays to discover pastures new.

 I tried a new route yesterday which required only a short drive ,across the River Wharfe. I was keen to get the feel for a run which  would be a testing long uphill drag but runnable, with good underfoot conditions.  Basically from the bottom of the pic  above to the top!    A mile uphill approach ,on the road, unfortunately  then 1.6 on trail with a very conspicuous target to aim for in the distance; what I imagine is a grouse shooters' hut.  
 The run proves a good  testing workout for the old legs ansd should make for  a  nice change to hill reps  at any time of the year.  
TUESDAY................last speed session before the GREAT MANCHESTER RUN.
  The sight of the Runners Pack for Sunday's run  being pushed through the letter box predictably reawakened  some  butterflies in the stomach.    A much different build up to the race this year with Easter so late.  Last year there had been 2 races in the last fourteen days prior.  This year, following the Alex Park 5k, I set myself the task of 3 speed sessions with two days between each.   I'd survived a mile rep session and a 1/2 mile rep session leaving myself just  a moderate volume session  to finish off the build up today.

  Being Tuesday, it should leave adequate time to recover before Sunday.   It was back to Nelson track for this last session and as is usually the case there was a strong westerly to cope with...
witness the ragged Union Flag on the neighbouring cricket ground!
  The strong wind made the choice of session very easy then.   8 x 300 metres running the bends and walk/jog the back straight into the wind for recovery.   The target pace for these was 20/21 minute 5K pace and this was achieved ....76.5   75.7   73.8   73.2   73.6   73.7   73.1   72.2  ....but by the 8th rep the legs, particularly the hamstrings after yesterday's hill climb and last week's sessions, were telling me quite clearly.....enough is enough!!
   Just 4 easy runs now ...an easy period which I think I have earnt!

   Tonight I'll be happy to watch others ascending and descending,  on  this side of the valley, the much steeper side,  in the JACK BLOOR fell race.   Time to go and put the start and finish banners in place, as THE COMPLETE RUNNER is sponsoring the event.   Results and pics tomorrow....all being well.

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