Friday, 20 May 2011

Finishing a race like Billy Mills!

As I had to deliver to the Nelson Complete Runner branch on Wednesday I thought I would maintain the track routine despite  still feeling pretty weary l after Sundays 10K.  In the past I would have done a session on the Tuesday without thinking about it even but things are a bit different now.
 The westerly wind was just as strong as last week and is really beginning to **** me off , sorry becoming quite vexing. Still ,I went through the motions with a set of 300 reps doing   12 as opposed to just 8 the Tuesday before the Manchester event.  I won't bore you with times;  let's just say it wasn't poetry in motion.
 I was on the track legally this week,  going at 4,  and it was a bit busier.  One of the lads down there asked me if I had done the Great Manchester Run again  and  did I  pull anything,  side stepping runners in the last kilometre like 2010?
  I said, No,  all had  gone well this year but as last year I  felt like BILLY MILLS at the end going through the field.  He looked at me quizzically.
 "Who's BILLY MILLS?",  he said, "Does he run for Clayton?"
 I replied, "No, he was a native American who won the gold in the 10,000 metres  at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics."
 Older readers of this blog will no doubt recall the last minutes of that race and recall that it was at the time a major upset as the field included hot favourite Australian Ron Clarke, the Russian Bolotnikov, and New Zealand's "one armed bandit", as I called him, Murray Halberg.  Mills  won in 28:24.2 then went on to run in the marathon (14th in 2:22)
 It is interesting to compare 2 versions of the last moments of the race.  The  actual coverage
with commentary from two American commentators, one who was sacked afterwards for his over exuberance, and  how it was reenacted  in a film of BILLY MILLS' life , "Running Brave"

In another video on Youtube Billy Mills talks about his preparation for the race over the previous months and relives that memorable last lap. Very inspiring!
 So if you are racing this weekend, as you reach the last quarter mile....think of  the finish put in by BILLY MILLS in that 1964 Olympic final and go for it!!  Have a good one. I'll be looking for a good performance from Julia Armstrong
in the Edinburgh Marathon and a category win at the very least.

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  1. That was brilliant Terry. I've played it back 4 times and still can't believe it. Thank you, John