Wednesday, 11 May 2011


If my wife Pat was a comedienne  and had a reet strong Yorkshire accent she might have quoted the words of the famous song when I came in on Tuesday  night from the JACK BLOOR RACES .
 You know the one...........
 "Wheear 'ast tha bin sin' ah saw thee, ah saw thee?"
(Trans. Where have you been since I last saw you, last saw you?)
 "On Ilkley Mooar baht 'at."
(Trans. On Ilkley Moor without a hat)
 Except with the constant threat of a rain shower I actually kept my cap firmly on all evening!
  The Jack Bloor races, for junior and senior runners, which THE COMPLETE RUNNER  is proud to sponsor,  help raise finance  for the Jack Bloor fund  which continues his work in helping those lacking the means to achieve their aims in the outdoor.   Jack Bloor was a pioneer climber , fell runner  and orienteer.   206 runners  turned out to race and support the fund.  Read more about the aims of the fund at
 ILKLEY BREWERY , also sponsored with every runner receiving a bottle of their finest .   

 The evening started for me at 5p.m. an hour before the junior races with the erection of our  start and finish banners. 

Following the 4 junior races in which we marvelled at the simply fearless descending skills of ones so young it was time for the main event.

3rd. place Leeds City runner, CHRIS BIRCHALL, leads the snake of runners up the first slope.

The COMPLETE RUNNER was represented by SCOTT BAIRSTOW  running here in the white vest of WHARFEDALE HARRIERS

Just over 38 minutes later GRAHAM PEARCE  (no.86)
came roaring down Ilkley Moor with TOM ADAMS
(207)closing fast.  But Graham reached the stream just before the finishing funnel first and just managed to fight off Tom's late charge to win
38.09 to 38.11; though it looked closer than that. 

A.C. won the ladies race from teammate RENEE SAXTON with local Ilkley Harrier EMMA BARCLAY 3rd. pictured here, showing excellent uphill running form.
So a hard evening's work on the moor for the 206 hardy competitors but a relaxed one for me. The final pleasureable task being that of presenting the prizes to the winners in the Senior Race and I still had my hat cap on!

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