Wednesday, 9 January 2013


 Well, I managed to hit that 2080 miles set target for 2012 and so averaged the 40 miles per week that I had set for myself. BUT to do so required an extra effort over the November and December. The last 3 weeks all needed to be well above that 40 mark. Certainly no rest on Christmas day. But then again it was just another Tuesday wasn't it?
 On that basis I thought I would make WEEK ONE a moderate one and did run easy for Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday but then I decided to kick start the year with a half marathon on January 20 (Inskip half) and so  reverted to par for the second half of the week.
 All the recent rain has made training a bit troublesome, hasn't it?.
A case of deciding which roads and which trails will be under water or not.    But rather that than skating on ice!  So far, so lucky!
 I haven't been doing much running at pace over the last few weeks but I seemed to cope quite well with the GUYS 10 miler in December so I thought I would kick off 2013 with more of an endurance challenge rather than a sharp, fast 5k or 10K. Plenty of those to attack later on in the year. Hence the half marathon entry; a distance I failed to race over in 2012.
 But the half marathon entry called for a training run over the distance to finish off week one. Problem being where?   Flooded Wharfedale lanes, spending the best part of two hours looking behind for perilous groups of cyclists or puddle hopping on the canal?

 In the end I opted for a short ride into Lancashire was pleased to find a dry very quiet road between Thornton and Gargrave  which I shared with just half a dozen bikers and less than 20 cars in a run of nearly 2 hours!
 The hilly run over the 13.1 distance served to confirm current fitness and served to  boost the confidence but I'll need to be running 20 minutes faster a week on Sunday to run to prediction!
 Preceded by 30 miles on the trail and grass those 13 miles topped a good week one of 43.  A good opener for the year.
Reasonable quantity but the quality is going to have be worked on; but then again I've another 51 weeks for that!

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