Thursday, 24 January 2013

That end of season feeling!

 The local grammar was one of so many schools which closed on Monday and consequently we saw a steady stream of youngsters coming up the iced up road outside making their way to the Ben Rhydding Golf Course. The golf course is built into the hillside below the famous Cow and Calf rocks and makes an ideal venue for sledging. A good time being had by all, no doubt.
 But not such a good time for runners; particularly those midway through a cross country season with important regional and national championships coming up or those preparing for spring marathons with half marathons cancelled or their favourite long run routes iced up.

  In contrast I would imagine the majority of the 315 who completed the Inskip Half marathon and were fortunate enough to be able to stick to their plans, won't be too upset to see the white stuff stiff hanging about.  I certainly wasn't planning to do very much.  A recovery week was always the intention. But still I would have preferred recovery on the more forgiving surfaces of the grass and trail rather than the roads or the treadmill.  A treadmill which took me several minutes to work out how to work; it's been such a long time since I was forced to use it.
 In common with most runners I was left with the feeling that I could have recorded a faster time last Sunday.   Not having run a half for 3 years perhaps I was far too cautious in the first 4 miles. The fact that the 12th and 13th miles were my fastest would suggest this.
 Problem could be finding a half marathon that is not already "FULLY BOOKED" before the London. Such a popular event.  
 But that's in the future.  At the moment having ticked off that half last Sunday I feel as if rather than starting this season I've concluded the last.  5K, 5mile, 10ks, a 10 and a half marathon done.
 Time for a couple of weeks ticking over; waiting hopefully for a thaw to set in. Time for planning this year's campaign; a need to plan ahead as trying to enter on the day is becoming more and more a thing of the past.
 And as the saying goes,  FAIL TO PREPARE....PREPARE TO FAIL!

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