Sunday, 1 July 2012


  I've just added last week's Platt Fields 10K to this year's races on the blog and added it to my list of all time 10Ks.
  Simply scanning the list,  dropping from 43.00 at on the promenade of Blackpool  on May 13 to  a 48.03  on the park pathways of Platt Fields looks like a big drop in form.  But of course whilst the pictures tell the story of last week the results don't indicate that large parts of the course were under water,  which made it so tiresome for us all and on a personal note I was nursing a calf strain.
  Of course it's stand out on my alltime list as by far the slowest of the 142 run. But on the positive side it looks  a certainty that my next 10K will show significant improvement!  All being well; providing I can get back to 100%.
  I've tried to continue with a bit of running each day except Friday this week as the strain heals. Probably not what some would recommend but  it generally works for this grade of strain.   With the weather being so poor it's certainly not a bad time to be just ticking over and letting the old body enjoy a bit of a recovery with over 1000 miles logged in the first half of the year.
  I've managed 23 miles; the majority of it on grass. Just trying to maintain cardiovascular levels.
    I have just watched interviews featuring several runners competing in the European Championships in Helsinki (where the weather appears to be as bad as ours) and so many of them refer to competing having been injured this year.   It's a fine line between fitness and injury the harder we try to race better.
   I could have done with a little more time before racing again but next Sunday is the fourth of the five Manchester Parks series; so the task this week will be to try to get the legs moving a bit quicker without suffering another setback.  A tightrope exercise ahead then.
  My state of fitness is of little importance in the grand scheme of things (except to me, of course) but how good to see that local triathlon hero Alistair Brownlee has recovered well after his achilles injury. Even brother Jonathan must have been amazed with which he marked his return with a seemingly comfortable World Series win in Kitzbuhel.



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