Friday, 10 February 2012

Cuts no ice with me........!

  Another good 8 hours sleep. It's 7.20 a.m.  I'm cosy and warm and there's  a chill on my face so I'm not inclined to leap out of bed . I lie and listen for the sound the cars make as they pass  the house starting out on the journey to work ;  cautiously  negotiating the  road which despite paid council taxes and our road  being one of the steepest in Ilkley, Bradford Met seemingly refuse to grit.
  The sound which I hear will largely determine today's run.  If I hear the sound of crunching ice I know the trails will be treacherous. It's snowing lightly again now and the fresh snow will look inviting but will be shielding ice below.   If I hear the sound of slush I know there's been a thaw and trail possibilities open up.
It was CRUNCH!  CRUNCH!  CRUNCH!    I turn over and plan the day ahead....
  Running wise, one thing is certain the old knees are saying , "no more road,please"".   We have to listen to the body don't we!?  So it'll be down to the playing fields to have an easy jog and clear a loop for Sally's up and coming daughter, Georgia, to be able to tackle a tough 3 x mile rep session later in the day.  Hope she turns up,  many wouldn't on a day like this!

 This was the state of the fields.  Some sign of recent activity but plenty of ice and quite a bit of work required to create a decent loop.
 I  managed a 3 mile jog at about 10 minute mile, pace,  thankful that Sal and I had done our speed session on the road on Wednesday and it wouldn't be me having to cope with this.
 Of course, it would have been  far easier for G. to do her session on the road as well but her big races to come will be on the country so I think it 's logical and most beneficial to do some  speed  sessions on less than favourable terrain as this field will offer up.  

  G.  turned up for the session apparently a tad apprehensive. Many of her rivals might well have given such as a solo session a miss. But that's what it's all about isn't it?   Not being a fair weather runner; sticking to the plan, showing commitment, showing determination showing  resolve.  Proving that natural talent alone is not enough.
  G.  showed in the session why she has improved from 81st in the Northern of 2010 to 6th this year  coping well with the rutted underfoot conditions                                         clocking 5.53, 6.13 and 6.13 for her mile reps. Not bad for (nearly) 16!


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  1. Thanks Terry, the session was tough but enjoyable!!
    Thanks for your support.