Friday, 8 April 2011


 Thursday.  I set off for my customary 2 mile warm up around the park intent on returning to commit my first act of "track trespass".  I was regretting not having my phone to hand in case I should become stuck in the 9" gap between the vertical posts of the ralings around the track perimeter.
 However, whilst the main entrance to the leisure facility was well and truly bolted, a service gate had been left unpadlocked and this made the trespass quite easy.
  Perhaps leisure services were simply ensuring that any day time training Olympic hopeful could maintain their progress towards London 2012.  Or more likely, was it merely an oversight?

 So an illegal session on the track but no use of facilities due to local government cut backs as mentioned previously. £3 saved!    Returning to the car after the session I  got talking to a lorry driver who had been watching my run whilst having his lunch.  He said that ultimately the council were looking to scrap the track altogether and use the land for housing. 
                                    Another nail in the coffin of British sport!

 Thursday's  session?   A moderate  one  after Tuesday's taxing "3 peaks of Ilkley" run. Just 8 x 300 mts. with the usual battle against the strong winds of Lancashire;  some compensation in the form of brilliant spring sunshine.  
                Target.....75/76 based on 21 mins for 5K. 
                Recorded.....75  75  74  76  75  75  75  76...............and the legs held up!

Today, Friday,  back on the road for 8 miler, but it would definitely be a flat one unlike Tuesday.
Pace "steady"..... 1.30 minutes slower than 10K race pace(7.00) so target  8  x 8.30....68 minutes.
Managed just inside with a brisk last mile to record 67.49.  Again enjoying the sunshine but cursing the wind in the first half which once again hampered the breathing.

Tomorrow? Looking forward to an easy jog around Sutton Park in Birmingham whilst watching the National 12/6 road relay championships.  Can Sale Harriers improve on 7th in the Northern?

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  1. Bloody hell Terry, what a disgrace about the reduction in the opening hours of this track. Do you have Seb Coe's mobile number?!