Friday, 15 April 2011


  I must admit to being a touch apprehensive about tackling a track session today; just 48 hours after a 12 mile run on Wednesday.  The old legs have felt somewhat fragile since then.  I'd elected to run the 12 on a rough and rutted section of the canal and the uneven surface had certainly had an impact on the knees.   Anyway needs must. 
    It was 4 weeks since the last long rep session so I felt entitled to make and witness  some progression.   I had considered  the progression, doing more reps......two, shortening the interval recovery.....three, repeating the session but trying to run the reps faster;  I went for the latter. Would speed kill?
             Surely, I could run the reps faster after 4 weeks of trouble free running?
  So it was a repeat of last month......5 x 1K......with 2 minute interval. During the warm up and throughout the first rep the right medial ligmant is causing me concern. They say "listen to your body". In this case I refused to listen....and the pain went away!
  So , last month              4.35     4.31     4.27     4.24     4.14.................averaging  4.26
         today                      4.24     4.20     4.21     4.18     4.12.................averaging   4.19
                                                  Pleasing progression indeed!


 Build up to the London marathon continued this morning with Paula Radcliffe on the TV giving expert advice.....on what music to listen to when running the event.   "Nothing too fast early on..."!! Thanks Paula, sure your rivals will be grateful for that top tip.
 There will be all shapes and sizes taking part in London on Sunday and in Boston  the following day as the marathon is no longer the preserve of the traditional "athlete".   I  always state, not sure where I first saw it written, that the perfect weight for a male marathon runner is 2lbs to each inch of height.  So,  6 foot tall........72 inches........144 lbs.......10 stone 4 lbs.  As I say, not a pretty sight but it moves well!! 

  I have referrred in the past to Valley Strider clubmate, STEVE O'CALLAGHAN as being one exception to this "rule".   I think Steve was around the 13 stone mark when he ran his marathon best of 2:21!!
 Readers may recall Steve beat me in Selby marathon then added insult to injury by casually letting it slip he had run the Sheffield marathon the week before!
 At the other end of the scale we have another local rival from the '80s, HARRY BATES.  The diminutive Skyrac A.C. runner may have lacked stature but made up for it with Yorkshire grit and determination boasting a sub 2:30 P.B.  But will probably always regret  his decision to stop and drink at the 25 mile mark leaving me to go on and take the top spot.
 This shot shows them running a Mars London marathon.

  Yes, not to missed folks,  coming to this blog VERY SOON,  thoughts on the marathon event of PERCY WELLS CERUTTY, the celebrated Australian coach to, amongst others ,  one of the greatest athletes of all time, HERB ELLIOTT. 
  Herb was a miler but I promise you PERCY'S words of wisdom on marathon running WRITTEN IN 1960 take some beating.  A taster......

   "Above 400 (miles) per month  it would appear that the pace has to be slowed down so much that the organism is not conditioned to the required speed".  
  So just one top tip to be going on are wasting your time running more than 100 miles per week.  Good news or what!!

  Meanwhile, if you are running London or even Boston have a great run and don't forget the sun block.   If you are spectating,  hope you cope with the crowds with two F.A. Cup semifinals and Arsenal playing at home this weekend.   Think I'll have the best view from my armchair.

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  1. How do you account for Paul Tergat's 6'3" 130 lbs? (1.73lb/in)