Thursday, 2 May 2013


                    as (possibly!) described by a watching 10 year old.....

"We bunked off school this morning so me and my mate went down to the track to go round on our skooters. There were 2 dead old guys there, grey and wrinkly. One said they would be running around quite fast so we should be careful. I looked at my mate and thought, "yeah right, this has to be seen" They reminded me of my gran dad & he gets puffed out getting out of his chair. Anyway, we saw them start at the other side of the track. The younger one with glasses left the scrawny one right away and tore away and kept ahead for a lap and a half then just kinda slowed down a right lot. After a half a lap the older guy, who didn't slow down, caught him up. But just as he did the fast man just took off again! Didn't seem very friendlly to us. Seemed like the younger guy was teasing him! They did this 8 times. Going round 16 laps altogether. We thought they must be well tired by now but no they seemed to get friendly again and we then saw them go off round the park for even more jogging! 

                Why can't my gran dad do that?

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