Sunday, 17 February 2013


  It seems every single day I hear or read about a runner being injured.  I suppose it's just comes with the territory; almost inevitable for the competing athlete.  More annoying though are injuries which occur when we are not in our running kit!  Take Friday morning......
  I went into the (Complete Runner) shop to find a large carton of hoodies, sweats and tees had just been delivered.  I thought there's  no way I'm  going to risk a back strain by trying to carry it upstairs so I simply bent down to move it ...and strained my back anyway!   Extremely painful, annoying and frustrating with two sunshine filled days being forecast for the weekend.  
  It isn't 100% but  plenty of icing,  use of  hot warm wheat bag and my magic gel, HIRUDOID  enabled me to finish off the week with an accelerating 8 miler today; a day when I'm sure 99% of runners were up and out to take advantage after so much poor weather of late.  8 miles but  it was a great day for more wasn't it?  
 What a contrast to just 4 days ago.  Last Wednesday I ran from the house zigzagging down to the shop in a blizzard. So glad I had remembered to don the SUNWISE "MARATHON" glasses with yellow lens. Ideal for the conditions to stop the eye sting!
 It was noon by the time I set off with Pat "in support"; having blown the dust off her bike to keep me company on the canal.   In over an hour's running  we saw over a hundred walkers,  dozens of cyclists but only one  As I said perhaps they had all gone out early.
 It was another "par" week of 40 miles and included the first track session of the year  ( the classic 4 x mile)
with a visit to Manchester's Sports City stadium. A venue buzzing with the excitement of the National Squash Championships for 2013.  Championships catering for age groups right up to 75. 
 For once I didn't have the track to myself.  I watched a young lady finish her warm up, strip off and flash around a 250.  She then put her  kit back on and left.  She was "racing at the weekend".  
OK for some I thought.   I'm coming back as a 400 metre runner!
 It's not just my back that's been bothering of late.  I "acted on impulse" late one evening a few weeks ago and entered the CONISTON 14.  So with that undulating course in mind I've been including  more hills into the programme.   No real problem but I think the downhill  stretches are  taking a toll on my old knees. Again having to pack them with the ice packs; which works well.
 So what with the weak back and sore knees I think I'm in need to look into some conditioning!
I wish I could say spring has sprung after today but we know it doesn't quite work like that does it? Remember the high temperatures and days of bright sunshine we enjoyed last March?




  1. Interesting to hear you've entered the Coniston 14. With all that structured training, and the kind of mileage you're putting in, you surely ought to be able to smash my M60 course record (87.42).

  2. I'll take that as a tongue in cheek comment, Gordon! If I can only run 1.38 for a flat half I'm not going to be anywhere that time. I'm getting out every day but it's hardly structured training, rarely over 10 miles and only just starting speed work. At 64 can't see any age group wins wither this year.

  3. Actually, I was only a couple of weeks off my 64th birthday when I set that record, but I was on fire at the time. I'd just returned from doing the Guernsey Easter Runs, four runs in four days culminating with a ½ marathon on Easter Monday. I was 1st M60 in all four races including a 10K in 38.35 and the half in 83.20. The Sunday after Coniston I was 1st M60 in the Three Peaks (4.02.50) so April/96 was quite a good month for me. It's nice to reminisce, wish I was still as fit!

  4. Hi Terry,
    Missing your updates, hope you are ok?