Wednesday, 21 November 2012


As I write this I can actually see the other side of the valley here in Ilkley.  The "clag" , as they seem to say hereabouts,  was down until late morning with heavy rain thrown in just to make the thoughts  about  today's run somewhat less than enthusiastic.
 Another "saying" goes,  

             "there's no such as bad weather....just bad clothing!"

So it was a case of reaching for the Goretex jacket and stepping forth.  I would settle for a couple of laps of the Strid Woods; using the trees for shelter.  But late morning the rain relented, the skies brightened and having  run through the woods for 2.5 miles I switched tack and  put in 3 miles at tempo pace (aka race pace plus 10%) on a nice little traffic circuit between Bolton Abbey and the Cavendish pavilion.  

                                   I can think of worse places to try 
                             to run hard and (relatively) fast..................

With 2.5 back, it amounted to a pretty good sandwich session then of 2.5                 trail...3 miles road tempo....2.5 trail to finish.   A bit different to my usual sessions of 8 miles all trail or 8 miles all road.  

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