Tuesday, 5 June 2012


A real Sunday feeling to this Tuesday's trek along the normally quiet back lanes of the town towards Bolton Abbey. It seemed so many people chose to celebrate their jubilee holiday by digging out their old bikes and
giving it their all alongside the usual "professionals". Not the most relaxing of runs!
 So another morning with hundreds of bikers and just 2 runners. Well, 3 including me.  A contrast to yesterday when 219 turned out to run the 5th Annual ILKLEY TRAIL RACE.
 The race is one of many events which have evolved from road races.  Originally muted by the local Round Table as a fun run,  it became a "legal"  8 mile, 2 lap road race......went metric as a 10K road but as the Round Table bowed out under the weight of complaints from motorists was adopted by ILKLEY HARRIERS.   After early course problems the route devised in conjunction with race director Lawrence Basham seems to work and is challenging but runnable unlike races on the other side of the valley which are more geared to the dedicated fell runner.
 For once we were blessed with pretty good weather but I must confess I abandoned filming at the uppermost point where it was becoming distinctly chilly!
 They say if it isn't broke don't mend it.......well I changed a filming routine which lead to editing into 2 parts.................

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  1. Interesting videos Terry. I spotted myself briefly on both of them but my wonderful partner looks good storming to the Finish in the second one. Thanks again for inviting us, it was a stonking good day!