Monday, 9 April 2012

Guiseley Gallop video

 Ten years ago,  during  some training run banter when I was running with Ilkley Harriers,  one of the "fellrunners" suggested I should run a fell race some time. I said I would if he would do a road race and by the end of the run an Easter  "3 races in 3 days challenge" was on the least in my mind!
 My teammate thought I wasn't being serious  and failed to run any events but the idea had got into my mind and I determined to do it.
So having run the Salford 10K on the Friday (37.04) followed by the Rivington Pike fell race on the Saturday I lined up for the multi-terrain Guiseley Gallop 10K race on Easter Sunday and ran in a very tired 42.37.
The following year, 2003, I opted to miss the Saturday race out, running the Salford in 38.13 followed by a near repeat at the Gallop of 42.47.
  But time takes a toll and nowadays  after Friday's 10K  it was all I could do to jog 3 miles on Saturday and the 4 yesterday wasn't much easier.  Very tired again ...after just ONE race.
 Yesterday then, Easter Sunday,  Pat and I attended the Gallop to give support and in doing so did a bit of filming.  Hope you enjoy.............

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  1. Good video. We ran the 'Gallop' in 2007 and well remember that uphill finish that had my other half struggling. Said she'd never do it again - and hasn't.
    It's my sort of terrain so quite enjoyed it, finishing in 50.45 to take the MV70 prize.